Live Well and Long: Simple Comforts for Senior Life

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ISBN: 9781457513695
64 pages

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Simple Comforts for Senior Life: This book offers a rich selection of day-to-day activities for seniors. The practical comforts highlighted can add fun and fulfillment to daily routines, from retirement through the Golden Years. It aims to brighten the life of anyone seeking to live each day to the fullest, and to inspire all who are granted a long life to find the joy in each minute! It can serve as a daily planner, or as an idea book for family, friends or caregivers. We all deserve happiness to lift our days, and while not every activity is right for everyone, finding a favorite pastime to savor can bring real joy! A calendar is included, so start finding your favorites right now!


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Simple comforts can make your day!

This book includes a vibrant collection of diversions especially for seniors! These refreshing pastimes may inspire anyone seeking to enjoy life in spite of age or illness. They can add zest to a dull day or spark creative ideas among families, friends or caregivers. Not every activity is appropriate for everyone, but if even one or two ideas are discovered here, the benefits can be great!


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